Cashless Payment Solutions
for Transit Buses

Ride Transit Easy with Contactless Payments

  • Eliminate Cash and Coins in Buses

  • Convenient for Riders and Bus Drivers

  • Reduces risk of theft and fraud  

  • Collect Revenue with Any Payment Cards

  • Reduce Risk of Cash-in-transit

Accepts Payment by
NFC & Contactless Cards

Accepts Payment by
Chip Card & PIN

Accepts Payment by
QR e-Wallet

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Accept Payments from Over
22 Billion Cards Worldwide

Expand your horizons and welcome the world to your doorstep with Sonicboom’s cutting-edge payment solution. With the ability to accept up to 22 billion cards worldwide, your business can now tap into a global network of customers and grow like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional payment systems and say hello to endless possibilities with Sonicboom.

Discover SonicBoom Payment Solution in Action – myBAS Bus Transits!

Sonicboom’s cashless payment solution is now in myBAS, providing a hassle-free and faster payment experience. Customers can easily pay for their bus fare using their contactless bank card or mobile phone, with the payment reader device seamlessly processing the transaction for a convenient and efficient experience.

myBAS Accepts Contactless Payment

Contactless Reader Mounted on myBas

Variable Mounting Options

Integrated with any
Bus AFC On-Board Unit

Sonicboom’s all-in-one payment terminal can enable any transit bus system to accept contactless card and NFC payments. The bus fare will only be deducted for paid passengers:-

  • Pay using Contactless card

  • Pay using NFC – Samsung Pay and Apple Pay

  • Payment using QR Wallet i.e. DuitNow QR

  • Support Monthly or Limited Pass

  • Supports RS232 and TCP/IP integration

  • Daily Payment Settlement to Your Account

Transit Handheld Validator

Sonicboom handheld validator extends the transit driver or operator functions with variable charging:-

  • Sell and renew Monthly or Limited Pass for season customers

  • Enables on-the-spot variable charging for concessionaire passenger

  • Sell monthly pass by accepting cashless payment

  • Real-time and GPS audit-trail

  • Issue penalty to ticket evaders in transit

Transit Cashless Monitoring and Reporting

Sonicboom’s cloud-hosted backend provides a wealth of data for operators and owners to track cashless usage trend and monitor real-time usage.

  • Real-time Online Transaction Data

  • Connects and manages multiple buses cashless system

  • Web reporting & analytics

  • Bank and e-Wallet reconciliation

  • Pricing and Rates control

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For over 6 years, Sonicboom has been the most reliable and comprehensive cashless parking solution, providing a seamless and stress-free parking experience. With its advanced features, unlimited design possibilities, and unparalleled support, Sonicboom is the future of cashless payments for the self-service industry. Contact us today to upgrade your payment system and join the thousands of satisfied customers who love Sonicboom.”

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