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Go Cashless on Your Vending Machines

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Accept Payments from Over
22 Billion Cards Worldwide

Expand your horizons and welcome the world to your doorstep with Sonicboom’s cutting-edge payment solution. With the ability to accept up to 22 billion cards worldwide, your business can now tap into a global network of customers and grow like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional payment systems and say hello to endless possibilities with Sonicboom.

Accepts Payment by
NFC & Contactless Cards

Accepts Payment by
Chip Card & PIN

Accepts Payment by
QR e-Wallet

Discover Sonicboom Payment Solution – Watch Costa Coffee Smart Cafe In Action!

Sonicboom’s cashless payment system offers a hassle-free and faster experience at Costa Coffee’s smart vending machines. Pay with your contactless bank card or mobile phone for seamless transactions.

Vending machine operators can boost sales and attract more customers by offering alternative payment options like credit cards, mobile payment apps, and contactless payments. This not only provides convenience to customers but also improves their overall experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Convenience for customers who don’t need to carry cash.
  2. Increased sales as customers can make purchases without exact change or small bills.
  3. Reduced security risks as there’s no need to store and handle cash.
  4. Easier tracking and management of sales data.
  5. Potential for increased customer loyalty through reward programs and targeted promotions.
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Sonicboom has brought the same level of trust and reliability to vending machines, using their cashless parking solution with over 6 years of successful service. Our vending machine solution is the most comprehensive and dependable on the market, providing a wide range of features and tools, limitless design options, responsive framework, and unparalleled support, earning the love and trust of our customers.

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