Have you ever wondered if cashless parking is just a want or is it a need? Are customers really leaning towards cashless payments? Will cashless parking increase customer convenience?

YES, drivers are demanding for cashless parkings! Cashless payments are being accepted across all industries and its about time the parking industry follow suit. The trend of cashless payments has since been reducing the amount of cash people have at hand which affects their choices in where they park.

What do your customers really want?


With the evolvement of e-payments, drivers are use to the adoption of cashless payment at transit. Tolls are fully cashless, filling fuel is also cashless and so is parking with cash cards. However, cash cards acceptance are not fully implemented and have their setbacks in minimum balance and reloads. Drivers are demanding for convenience where they can leave their house without the need to head to an ATM machine.


With convenience, drivers want options. According to a research done by The Star, Cashless parking is fine but drivers want options,  motorists were interviewed on their views of cashless parking. In response, a motorist Abdul Rahman said I have no problems with parking lots accepting only TnG, but I do mind those that do not have alternative payment choices, adding that he would refrain from going into a building that only accepts TnG payment.

It is important that cashless parking facilities are up to date with technology advancements. There are cashless parking solutions that offers more than cash cards, with additional offerings such as debit, credit and e-wallet acceptance at the entry / exit and autopay stations, including on-boarding new cashless payments as the payment industry grows.


Imagine having to rush to a meeting only to realise you do not have cash with you to pay for your parking. Drivers are faced with cash issues such as no small change or autopay stations repeatedly spitting out their cash. This ignites frustration for the driver with time consuming alternatives in exiting a car park facility.

To create a wholesome customer experience, cashless parking should be taken into consideration. Everyone owns an ATM, debit or credit card and simply by enabling cashless parking at your car park, not only does it shave off minutes in paying for a ticket but also leaving your facility frustration free.

In conclusion

Drivers see cashless parking as a convenience that elevates their experience within your vicinity leaving them satisfied from the moment they enter your car park to the moment they exit your parking.

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