The whole world is trying to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, people are avoiding physical contact points and cash – this is how you can keep your car park safe.

While most businesses are temporarily only accepting cashless payments to curb the spread of Covid-19, car park facilities are also following suit. The reason governments and organisations are promoting the usage of cashless in these times are merely because the usage of cash is at question. While viruses can stay on surfaces for hours and days, it does not exclude cash.

Cash circulates hands many times in a day and its risk in spreading viruses is high. When people leave their houses to purchase goods or services, they would consider the safest places to go and this is when a Cashless Parking facility will be important.

Cashless parking is when the motorist uses their cashless payment at hand to pay for their parking. There is no need for the use of cash or proceeding to a machine to make payment. This immensely reduces the risk of contracting the virus not only for the motorist but your car park operations team.

If you think this will be a phase, think again. Pandemics will change the way we live. People are getting use to cashless payments where there isn’t a need to withdraw cash from ATM’s. Small businesses are going online, working from home is a norm, purchasing groceries online seems more convenient and cashless transaction is on a rise.

By equipping your parking facility with contactless payments, you will create a safe space not only for your customers but for your organisation in the times to come. The advancement of technology is filling in the gaps of all business and it is here to stay. Cash elimination from your business is one way to start.

Stay ahead with innovation while providing a safe environment for your community and families.

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