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EQ Hotel Provides Guests Seamless Parking Experience


quatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur places great emphasis on providing outstanding customer service, ensuring its guests have a delightful stay from the moment they arrive at the car park until their departure. Sonicboom has teamed up with EQ, along with many other 5-star hotels, to deliver a seamless parking experience for hotel guests year-round.

With Sonicboom’s cashless payment solution, EQ has eliminated the need for small change, cash on hand, or repeated note spitting at its Autopay Stations. By accepting Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, EQ can offer guests a hassle-free parking experience, making their stay at the hotel even more enjoyable.

EQ, also known as Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur, has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. The adoption of Sonicboom’s cashless parking system showcases EQ’s commitment to innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction, and helps make each guest’s stay a memorable one. By incorporating the cashless payment solution, EQ is at the forefront of the latest parking technology, making the parking experience more convenient and stress-free for its guests.

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For over 6 years, Sonicboom has been the most reliable and comprehensive cashless parking solution, providing a seamless and stress-free parking experience. With its advanced features, unlimited design possibilities, and unparalleled support, Sonicboom is the future of cashless payments for the self-service industry. Contact us today to upgrade your payment system and join the thousands of satisfied customers who love Sonicboom.”

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