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Plaza 33 PJ Parking Now Accepts All Cashless Contactless Cards


laza 33, an MSC Cybercity located in Petaling Jaya, has taken a bold step towards a cashless future by fully embracing cashless payments at its Visitor Parks, Valet, and Season Pass Renewal. With the integration of Sonicboom’s cashless parking system, Plaza 33 now accepts Touch N Go, Visa, and Mastercard debit/credit cards, providing a seamless parking experience for customers.

Plaza 33’s fully integrated cashless parking system enables season pass holders to renew their passes online using their debit or credit cards, powered by Sonicboom. With this technology, season pass holders can enjoy a hassle-free renewal process, without the need for cash, making their experience faster, more convenient, and efficient.

The adoption of a cashless parking system is a significant step towards creating a more efficient and seamless parking experience for customers. Plaza 33’s commitment to technology and innovation showcases its dedication to providing exceptional customer service and keeping up with the latest trends.

Join Plaza 33 on its journey towards a cashless future and experience the benefits of Sonicboom’s cashless parking system today.

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For over 6 years, Sonicboom has been the most reliable and comprehensive cashless parking solution, providing a seamless and stress-free parking experience. With its advanced features, unlimited design possibilities, and unparalleled support, Sonicboom is the future of cashless payments for the self-service industry. Contact us today to upgrade your payment system and join the thousands of satisfied customers who love Sonicboom.”

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