Have you ever calculated the cost of cash handling for your car park facility?

According to Bank Negara, cash is costly for the economy. The cost of cash handling is a national issue let alone its impact on businesses.

Majority of car park management systems in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines are highly dependent on cash. Let’s set aside customers frustration on not having exact cash change at hand or no cash at all, the operation and cash handling cost of your parking system might surprise you!

The most common cost in a cash based Car Parks can be broken down to the following:-

Labour costs

If your car park still manually handles cash, you likely experience fluctuating labour costs due to the time commitment and the inaccuracies of cash handling.The resources used to empty cash boxes, count, manage, reconcile and move cash is deeply embedded into the operations.


Manual cash handling often comes with a greater chance of mistakes occurring such as reconciliation and collection tally. Any mistakes can result in losses and an increase in labour costs.

Inefficient operations

The culmination of labour costs and mistakes results in inefficient operations. Inefficiency in your cash management will end up costing your business more.

Ticket & maintenance cost

Let’s not forget the monthly cost incurred on the purchase of tickets and ticketing machines.

When cash is constantly flowing through your business, not only can it increase the cost of your operations, it can also be difficult to trace. Now that you know the cost involved, how do you then create efficient yet cost saving benefits for your car park?

Turn your car park system into Cashless Parking!

With a single tap at the entry, a single tap at the exit and no pre-authorisation fee, you now can turn your car park management system into an automated parking system with the acceptance of MyDebit, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, UnionPay & Touch N Go.

Sonicboom terminals supports PIN on screen which abides to Bank Negara’s regulation should your customer hit the maximum usage on their card – eliminating the risk of your customer reversing their car and causing traffic.

Start maximising your revenue by eliminating all cash handling cost.

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