2020 is a year that showed us technology can replace traditional face to face customer operations. Believe it or not, most motorists don’t mind how they pay for their parking as long as it is easy to do. Motorist no longer want to handle cash and worry about spread of viruses or finding the right change. Cashless parking can be done in as little as 7 seconds and it enables motorists to pay from the comfort of their vehicle, safely and securely.

Even so, here is why it’s an important time for your car parks to offer cashless payments.

Stop the spread of Covid-19

WHO pushes for contactless payments instead of cash to slow Covid-19.WHO experts say the Covid-19 could latch onto currency in the same way that it is able to live on hard surfaces like doorknobs, handrails and handles. Traditional parking that relies heavily on the usage of cash may be the determining factor in the near future of motorist choosing where to park. The same way people are choosing services that offers contactless payments.

Customer convenience

Creating a stress free way for customers to pay their parking is key in todays world. Customers can pay from the comfort of their vehicle, safely and securely without battling with the conventional ways of cash payments. Some car park autopay stations are still unable to accept new notes and I’m sure we all recognise the feeling when the autopay station repeatedly rejects our cash for no apparent reason. When you’re in a hurry, issues as such can be extremely frustrating. Cashless car park payments can bring an end to these difficult times.

Automated Reporting, Reconciliation – Go Digital

Cashless Parking will be the most innovative step forward in keeping up with this technological era. Simply by switching to cashless payments, you can enjoy an automated parking system where every detail is digitalised. This also means your daily reporting and reconciliation is automated. Not only will this help you facilitate strategic planing for your car park, it will help you increase your parking revenue.

Environmental Friendly

It is time to rethink how we operate our business traditionally for a greener future. Ticketless parking can achieved with cashless payments. Going cashless is a great way for your car park facility to limit environmental impact. Not only does cashless payments save paper used for tickets and receipts, smart parking technology can help your car park management save more.

In conclusion

Isn’t it about time to move to this digital age, offering cashless payments for parking at your facilities?

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