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Do drivers want cashless parking?

Have you ever wondered if cashless parking is just a want or is it a need? Are customers really leaning towards cashless payments? Will cashless parking increase customer convenience? YES, drivers are demanding for cashless parkings! Cashless payments are being accepted across all industries and its about time the parking industry follow suit. The [...]

2020-05-04T00:47:26+08:00Cashless Parking|

How Covid-19 or any future pandemics can affect your car park operations?

The whole world is trying to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, people are avoiding physical contact points and cash - this is how you can keep your car park safe. While most businesses are temporarily only accepting cashless payments to curb the spread of Covid-19, car park facilities are also following suit. [...]

2020-04-28T19:26:17+08:00Cashless Parking|

What you need to know about Cashless Parking?

A list of 3 important factors you need to take into consideration before turning your Car Park cashless. As fast as we are adopting technology in our businesses and everyday lives, we need to understand the scalability of technology and what fits your business best. Cashless Parking at shopping malls, airports, soho’s, business towers, [...]

2020-04-28T18:34:46+08:00Cashless Parking|