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License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Ticketless and Cashless Parking

  • Frictionless Entry and Exit

  • Cashless & Ticketless

  • Cut up to 60% of OPEX

  • Low Maintenance

  • No cash handling

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Accept Payments from Over
22 Billion Cards Worldwide

Expand your horizons and welcome the world to your doorstep with Sonicboom’s cutting-edge payment solution. With the ability to accept up to 22 billion cards worldwide, your business can now tap into a global network of customers and grow like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional payment systems and say hello to endless possibilities with Sonicboom.

License plate recognition (LPR) technology is gaining popularity as it offers a host of benefits for businesses and governments. LPR key features make it an essential tool for vehicle tracking, traffic management, parking management, and law enforcement. In this article, we will explore the essential features of LPR and discuss the benefits and urgency of implementing LPR for businesses.

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Sonicboom LPR Payment –

  • Convenient mobile payments, allowing drivers to pay for parking from their mobile phone
  • Faster and more efficient payment processing, reducing wait times and improving the parking experience
  • Increased revenue for parking operators through more efficient payment processing and reduced instances of non-payment
  • Improved customer satisfaction through the convenience of mobile payments and streamlined parking processes
  • Supports all payment cards and allow customers to tokenize their payment card for next frictionless usage
  • It is online 24×7 serving 130,000 transactions daily @

LPR Camera with AI and Machine Learning

  • Sonicboom LPR systems use high-resolution cameras with advanced image processing capabilities to capture clear images of license plates from various angles and distances
  • Day/night vision and IR illumination for improved image quality in low light conditions
  • Sonicboom’s LPR systems use IR illumination for capturing clear images in low light conditions
  • Wide-angle lenses to capture multiple lanes of traffic or parking spots
  • Recognition Success Rate up to 99.7% on a 4000 daily vehicle traffic site
  • Recognition speed is < 1 second

Ready and proven to work on any new and existing parking barrier gate or automated boom gate.

Sonicboom Hawkeye LPR Engine

  • Sonicboom’s LPR systems use license plate databases for comparing captured images and determining vehicle registration information
  • Integration with third-party databases, such as DMV and police records, for enhanced accuracy and identification of stolen or wanted vehicles
  • Sonicboom’s LPR systems use a powerful processing unit that can process large volumes of data quickly and accurately
  • Customizable algorithms to recognize different types of license plates and specific fonts
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to improve accuracy and reduce false positives

Sonicboom Magneto – Cloud-based Central Management System

  • Centralized control for multiple sites, with real-time access to data for better decision-making
  • Detailed reports on parking usage, vehicle movements, and other data to optimize parking operations and revenue management
  • Customizable parameters for reporting and analysis to extract valuable insights for specific use cases
  • Real-time monitoring of parking spaces for efficient space management and optimal utilization
  • Automated reports on parking occupancy rates, revenue, and other key metrics for sharing with stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Alerts generated when parking spaces reach capacity for proactive management of parking operations
  • Integration with mobile apps and dashboards for accessing data and alerts from anywhere, at any time

Sonicboom LPR Solution Highlights

  1. High Accuracy LPR technology uses advanced algorithms to read license plates accurately. The system can recognize a wide range of fonts and formats, including different sizes and shapes of characters. The technology can also recognize plates from various angles and under different lighting conditions.
  2. Fast Processing Speed LPR systems can scan and process thousands of license plates in real-time. The technology uses high-speed cameras and specialized hardware to capture and process license plates quickly.
  3. Integration with Other Systems LPR systems can be integrated with other security and surveillance systems. For example, LPR can be integrated with video surveillance systems to provide a comprehensive security solution.
  4. Customizable Settings LPR systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses and governments. The technology can be configured to recognize specific types of vehicles or license plates.
  5. Data Management LPR systems can store and manage data for future reference. The technology can be used to track vehicle movements, analyze traffic patterns, and generate reports.
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