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Aeon Mall Alpha Angle Parking Goes LPR – Accepts Mobile and Contactless Payment


EON alpha Angle mall has partnered with Sonicboom to introduce a new cashless parking system, which offers a seamless and convenient parking experience for customers. This innovative system is not only efficient, but it also integrates with the iAEON App, allowing customers to pay for parking using their loyalty points.

The system works through license plate recognition technology, where the customer’s vehicle registration number is automatically captured upon entering the parking lot. As the customer exits the lot, the system automatically calculates the parking fee based on the duration of stay and bills the customer’s registered payment method. Customers can register their payment method online through the mall’s website, providing a secure and convenient payment process.

The iAEON App, integrated with the parking system, offers customers the unique option of using their loyalty points to pay for parking. This means that customers can easily redeem their points to cover the cost of parking, making it a cost-effective and convenient option. The app also allows customers to set reminders for the parking duration and extend their parking session remotely.

By adopting this innovative technology, AEON alpha Angle mall is enhancing the overall customer experience by offering a seamless and hassle-free parking experience. With the added benefit of paying for parking with loyalty points, customers can save on parking costs and enjoy the convenience of the iAEON App.

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