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McDonald’s Cashless Parking Now Accepts Cashless Contactless Cards


onicboom has worked with McDonald’s outlet in Pandan Mewah to introduce a cashless parking system that not only provides a hassle-free parking experience but also helps to ensure that only actual customers can park in designated spaces.

The system accepts all contactless cards and eliminates the need for physical parking coupons, making it easy for customers to pay for parking without any hassle. This system is particularly useful in stopping non-customers from hogging designated parking spots, allowing real customers to park in a timely and efficient manner.

By providing a more convenient parking system for its customers, McDonald’s in Pandan Mewah is demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the customer experience. The cashless parking system provides a quick and efficient way for customers to pay for parking, allowing them to focus on enjoying their meals rather than worrying about finding parking.

Overall, the cashless parking system is a valuable addition to the McDonald’s outlet in Pandan Mewah, improving the parking experience for customers.

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