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KLCC Suria Parking Goes Fully Cashless!


LCC is revolutionizing the parking experience with its innovative approach to cashless payments. By accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Touch N Go contactless payments, KLCC has created a faster, more convenient, and more efficient parking experience for its customers. This move towards open payments has allowed KLCC to continue its tradition of exceptional customer service.

Drivers can now enjoy a seamless parking experience with just a tap of their contactless bank card, with the automatic payment system upon exit saving time and eliminating the need for customers to carry cash. For season pass holders, the option to renew their passes using cashless payments at any autopay machine adds even more convenience to their monthly routine.

The cashless payment system not only benefits customers but also has a positive impact on KLCC’s operations, streamlining the payment process and enhancing overall efficiency. With this move, KLCC can keep pace with the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy customer base.

KLCC is not only a premier shopping destination in Kuala Lumpur, offering over 340 specialty stores in a world-class complex spanning 1 million square feet, but also setting the new standard for parking facilities with its cutting-edge approach to cashless payments. With its exceptional shopping experiences and unwavering commitment to innovation, KLCC continues to attract and retain customers from around the world.

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