Let’s take a dive into what smart parking is and if it is for you.

Smart parking is a parking strategy that combines technology and innovation in an effort to use as few resources as possible to achieve faster, easier, convenient, safe operations while maximising your revenue.

Here are a few ways to integrate smart parking into your existing car park facility.

Cashless Parking

Cashless parking is a car park facility that accepts cashless payments at its entry & exit and autopay stations. It is the enablement of drivers parking at your facility without using cash. Cashless Parking can be adopted by placing an all-in-one terminal at your entry and exit or autopay stations where drivers will make their payments via debit card, credit card, cash card or e-wallets. This not only reduces the cost and pilferages in cash handling, it also upholds convenience to your customers but bare in mind, your customers want options.

LRP Parking

LPR parking or License Plate Recognition is seen to be adopted widely across our region. Not only is LPR used as a security measure, it can also be used as a payment point where drivers are charged for their parking via a webapp upon exit. This creates a seamless parking experience for your customers where they are able to pay via their debit card, credit card, cash card or e-wallets.

Online Season Pass Application & Renewals

Most corporate towers or retailers offer Season Pass or Long Term Parking Pass to their tenants. This process is still done manually across the parking industry. Applications and renewals would require a face to face transaction at the parking facility management office. However, this process can be done remotely, online or at the autopay stations. Integrating a season pass application and renewal process to your car park management system can grow convenience and time saving not only to your customers but your operations as a whole.

In conclusion

If you have a parking facility, smart parking is for you. By using your existing parking equipments and integrating any parts of smart parking into your facility or by simply giving your parking facility a face lift, you will rip the benefits of adopting this smart technology in what seems a traditional business. Going digital will not only help you manage your parking from a birds eye view, you will eventually see the increase of your revenue.

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